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"In an era of disruptive innovation, we need to be agile and factor in the human side.
Mentorship Academy brings mentorship into all aspects of life. We empower the Learning & Development space with an opportunity to recognize, validate and groom the learner of the twenty-first century. We train leaders to have
transformative growth.


The time to change the way we work and learn is now.  During the pandemic, we learned what we need to do next. We need a solution to provide the leaders of tomorrow with refined literacy skills - analytical, data, digital (ai), neuro-literacy™,  and mentorship communication."

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MENTORSHIP ACADEMY offers an outstanding array of customized research, on literacy, webinars, training programs, auditing services, focus group facilitation, and personal consultation to enhance mentorships, human resource development, and improved strategic communication. 


Drawing upon the latest mentorship and leadership development principles and practices, Mentorship Academy provides world-class instruction and mentoring experiences that enhance both individual and organizational effectiveness. 

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Regents' and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Texas State University

Past President, National Communication Association | NCA
Author and Co-Author of 14 Communication books


analytical literacy

is the ability to investigate information and the choices of verbal and nonverbal communication and refine critical thinking & research skills.

• gather & review material (evaluate its credibility, validity & significance)

• examine the use of information (i.e. language, text, and audio/video structure)

• deconstruct (deeper meaning and impact of the material)

• assess its meaning (thoroughly, critically, and methodically)

• teach others (deliberately and purposefully)

data literacy
is the ability to read, understand, and utilize data in diff
erent ways and understand its concepts. Areas that fall in this category include:

• data analysis (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive)
• data conversion (from raw to applicable)

• data visualization (including tools & techniques)

• data infrastructure (collect, store, process)

• data policy & governance (quality, security, privacy, leadership)

• data team collaboration & communication (scientists, engineers, analysts & accountants )

digital literacy & artificial intelligence (ai) integration, adaptation, and augmentation

aren’t simply intuitive. It is the ability to comprehend and apply information independent of the original modality, properly research, and converge its delivery method in a digital environment. Areas that fall in this category include:

• digital information gathering (collecting, evaluating, creating & communicating)
• digital information management (operating system, platform, software, storage)

• digital information adaptation (change management & modality)

• digital information adoption (understand, collaborate, integrate)
• digital information diffusion
 (teach, learn, grow incl. ai tools/resources)

Identifying and auditing the state of digital literacy competency requires deliberate communication, expertise, and awareness. It is crucial that both mentor and mentee have an understanding of expectations, purposeful communication strategies, digital literacy, communication competencies, and methods to succeed in the second wave of the digital revolution.  


We need to learn to purposefully and intentionally use the proper tools and techniques to be the catalyst for success and use digital literacy proficiently.  The convenience of proximity and water cooler talk is gone, now we need to plan proactively how we interact and collaborate. Being fluent in data & data visualization literacy (financial literacy) empowers a much different approach to technology usage and application in one's personal and professional life.

neuro literacy™  (self)

is about the capability to self-assess (with formal tools, techniques, and resources) the neuroscientific processes and optimize, redirect, and rewire cognitive behavior to reach new heights of happiness, success, and mental strength. Permitting your brain to find solutions on auto-pilot and intra-personal communication. 

Neuro (scientific) literacy is the confluence of human need and the human capability to master the next level of self-improvement, self-awareness, and success.


"Self-directed learning doesn't mean you are on your own."
Mentorship Communication fosters formal partnerships where life skills and growth have an opportunity to thrive with guidance and experience as the lead.

mentorship communication (others) 

is about being a supportive, reliable, distance-independent, judgment-free safety net to catch a mentee before they fall. Strategic mentorship communication promotes independence, crisis management, and leadership skills in all settings, ranging from academia, finance, and health to all the intangibles that make lifelong learning together with an ally for growth and a recipe for mutually beneficial success.


We need to learn that being a digital mentor is being an ambassador, diplomat, and most importantly a compassionate catalyst with the key goal to share wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and a variety of tangible and intangible skills to capture caring leadership to transfer raw potential into optimal capacity. The new form of strategic & advanced business communication is mentorship communication.


Our secret sauce curriculum entails mentee/mentor communication training,  communication strategies, pairing optimization, and focus group assessment of mentorship impact & program customization. This ranges from tools to techniques and our research-based, award-winning mentorship communication training. We have identified the core competencies to succeed at mastering the opportunities in the accelerated online/hybrid lifestyle pandemic. 

Ranging from "best practices," via "screen coaching," change management proactive planning to "lessons learned," the Mentorship Academy methodology provides a unique consulting service that:



1. FOSTERS remote learning, neuro-literacy™ & digital literacy transformations


2. OPTIMIZES workload efficiency, governance, and accreditation compliance


3. CAPTURES leadership legacy, mentorship opportunity repositories, and onboarding optimization  


4. REDUCES organizational and operational costs, including audit preparedness


5. GENERATES personal, professional growth & knowledge transfer, succession planning 


6. ENHANCES retention rates, team cohesion, and job satisfaction 


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