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"Partnered & Release Groundbreaking Proof of Concept Papers in Online Learning Industry"






Established the AI Literacy & Scoring instrument with AIWS 

Initiates the M&M AI Literacy Assessment Research Study Framework & Workplace Performance Standard for Prompt/Proof Engineering

Published the initial white paper on the Basic Neuroliteracy Pilot Project and the first graduating class of BNL inside of a formal US higher education setting.

Published the first case study on data & digital literacy (boot camp) training at the Orfalea College of Business, Master in Taxation program (partnership with ErnstYoung.) Strategic communication integration into the overall vision of the 3 L initiative. Supporting the approach of "preparing technology-driven accountants with an analytical mindset."

Authored the defining standard in chapter 11 on "Digital Literacy & Mentorship Communication" Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education, Fielding University Press



Recipient of the Online Learning Consortium's (OLC) Effective Practice Award - "recognizing effective techniques, strategies, and practices to advance quality and access to online programs" for the "Digital Academic Revolution," Research Series at the OLC Innovate/HBCU Affordable Learning Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


Instrumental in building the Online Learning Consortium Research Center for Digital Learning & Leadership and publishing the inaugural research on digital literacy & mentorship communication featuring optional asynchronous | ScreenPal™ & synchronous | Zoom modalities.


Forging the strategic partnership and initial blog feature for Screencast-O-Matic now ScreenPal while serving as the Principal Investigator for the California State University, CPSU, San Luis Obispo: Digital Commentary Grading Project (DCGP).


Co-Authored the original publication on podcasting technology for the California State University System 

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