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" ... we empower the next generation of learners and change agents, nurturing them into capable and compassionate technology literate analytical leaders, regardless of their chosen mode of communication or platform creating transformative opportunities."


Founded in 2015 on California's beautiful central coast, Mentorship Academy, affectionately known as MA, emerged with a mission to revolutionize the consulting world. Our central focus has been to pioneer groundbreaking consulting and auditing services in the realms of Literacy and Mentorship Communication. Recognizing an impending paradigm shift in the learning landscape, we set out to bridge the gap between content and transformative infrastructure.

Our vision is anchored in the second wave of the digital revolution, poised to foster a more cohesive and equitable workforce, yielding greater satisfaction and efficiency. We remain committed to preserving the human touch in this technology-centric era, seamlessly integrating remote learning, distance training, and screen coaching. Through mentorship communication, we empower the next generation of learners and change agents, nurturing them into capable and compassionate leaders, regardless of their chosen mode of communication or platform.


Martin Mehl, the driving force behind Mentorship Academy, draws upon over two decades of experience in broadcasting, consulting, management, pedagogy, research, and training across academic, business, government, and non-profit sectors. His expertise has left an indelible mark on clients such as Adobe, Apple, Audi, Harvard Medical School, M.I.T., and Volkswagen, to name a few.

As a visionary thought leader and futurist, Martin's skills encompass quantitative and qualitative communication studies and the art of forging transformative partnerships and mentorships. He has shared his mentorship pedagogy during keynotes at prominent conferences, contributing to the 2025 Graduation Initiative.

A native European and naturalized US citizen, Martin holds Journalism, Mass Media, Political, Organizational, and Public Policy Communication degrees. His collaboration with industry leaders Zoom and ScreenPal® and contributions to publications in the field of online learning solidify his status as a mentorship training, screen coaching, and remote learning pedagogy expert.


At Mentorship Academy, we believe that self-directed learning doesn't mean you're alone. Mentorship Communication forms the cornerstone of our approach, fostering formal partnerships that allow life skills and personal growth to flourish under the guidance of experienced mentors. We understand that digital literacy isn't common sense, and our mission is to reshape how we build relationships and utilize technology solutions, research and development (including artificial intelligence), and mentorship to achieve our goals.


We are dedicated to creating inclusive learning environments, particularly under the banner of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), where the unique needs of neurodivergent learners are acknowledged and catered to.


Mentorship Academy proudly collaborates with NEXT Integrative Minds Life Sciences Ltd, based in Toronto, Canada, on the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE Project. Our shared focus is on neuro-literacy™, a transformative force in the field. Our CEO serves as both Strategic Communication Advisor and interim Chief Technology Officer for NEXT, aligning complementary visions of literacy and mentorship.

Neuro-literacy™ represents the convergence of human aspiration and our innate ability to achieve self-improvement, self-awareness, and success.


By aligning the Next System's insights with Mentorship Academy's research and communication expertise, we are ushering in a 21st-century revolution in transformative learning. Knowing the wave of technology pushing literacy into the next 3 to 5 years of leadership and collaboration is essential.

Mentoring the Learner for teh 21st Century



We are proud to work with industry-leading partners:

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