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Journey from App User to App Maker: A Student's Evolution in Technology


In the innovative series by Mentorship Academy, "The University of Life," we delve into the transformative experiences of students navigating the intersection of technology and education. Today's story follows the inspiring journey of Carsten Mehl, from his early days as an app user to his evolution into an app creator, highlighting the profound impact of early exposure to technology on young minds.

A Seed Planted in Third Grade

The year is 2017, and Carsten Mehl, a third grader at Pine Grove Elementary School in Orcutt, California, is already demonstrating the traits of a creator and communicator, much like his father, Professor Martin Mehl of Cal Poly University. At this tender age, Carsten was not just playing with toys; he was exploring the frontiers of digital technology, assisting his father in articulating the messaging for the Digital Academic Revolution series. This series focused on the role of Screen Coaching as a pivotal tool in mentorship, utilizing ScreenPal software to enhance digital learning.

For Professor Mehl, the true measure of success was whether his son could comprehend and convey the potential of ScreenPal for digital mentorship. Carsten didn't disappoint. His ability to grasp and advocate for the software's benefits at such a young age was a testament to the software's accessibility and the natural inclination of the digital-native generation towards technology.

Growth and Evolution

Over the years, ScreenPal's offerings have expanded and evolved, always with the aim of catering to the needs of its diverse user base, including young learners like Carsten. From his initial role as a user and advocate, Carsten's journey took a significant turn as he entered his teenage years.

Now, in the ninth grade and participating in an accelerated early college program, Carsten's curiosity and engagement with technology have propelled him from a software user to a developer and programmer. His early encounters with technology, characterized by experimentation and a drive to explore, paved the way for this remarkable transition.

Becoming an App Maker

Carsten's venture into app development is a reflection of his passion for technology and learning. Utilizing platforms like and languages such as Scratch and Python, he has begun crafting his own drawing app, showcasing his burgeoning skills as a programmer. This progression from user to maker underscores the empowering potential of early technological engagement, encouraging creativity and problem-solving from a young age.

His enthusiasm for ScreenPal remains undiminished, now serving as both a user and an instructor, guiding others through the digital landscape he navigates so adeptly. Carsten's journey is a vivid illustration of how technology, when integrated thoughtfully into education, can unlock the creative potential of students, transforming them into innovators and creators.

Looking Forward

As Carsten continues to develop his app and share his journey, his story serves as a beacon for students and educators alike, emphasizing the importance of embracing technology as a tool for learning and growth. His transformation from an app user to an app maker is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the endless possibilities that await when curiosity meets opportunity.

In Carsten's own words, "ScreenPal is my Pal - it’s my friend and easy to use," encapsulating the essence of technology as a companion in the learning journey. As we follow his progress, we're reminded of the power of technology to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of learners, creators, and innovators.


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